The most Holy Word I’ve ever heard
didn’t come from the inside of any Holy book.
It came from a man two months into recovery
telling his family “sorry.”
Holy can be found in every story.
Holy is an addict getting clean.
Holy is an AA meeting.
Holy is everybody actually listening.
Holy is the unfiltered honesty
that comes after being broken.
Holy is a kingdom found in every moment.
Holy is seeing heaven crashing into earth.
Holy is bigger than any church.
Holy is a murmuration of birds.
Holy Spirit is more than a ghost.
I saw her once when my friend came out of the closet
and into the accepting arms of his father.
Holy Water is just as cleansing as Holy Smoke.
Holy is a heartbeat.
Holy Land is bigger than the place between
the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.
Holy Land is anywhere a tree grows through the concrete.
Holy is dropping around us like seeds,
and we only need to be alive to see it.
Holy is seeds growing in the dark,
just like humans do.
Holy is where the truth takes root.
Holy is every difficult place we’ve ever been.
Holy is a voice cracking during a eulogy
and strangers hugging at a funeral.
Holy is a family feud disappearing in a hospital waiting room.
Holy is a mother’s prison visitation with her son.
What you look for, you will find,
and Holy is something I cannot explain and cannot deny.
Holy is not something to define,
but something to experience.
Holy is never kept hidden
on the inside of any religion.

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